Monday, August 11, 2008

Virtual Winners' Prizes!

Hi, Folks...WINNERS in our Virtual Raffle - here's what you WON! If you want to email and give us your fullname and shipping address (No PO Boxes, please), we can get your prize right out to you. We'll email a follow up to each person unless we've heard from you before then.

KathyV in NM - Wonder Woman Tonner Character Figure
Alison Rasmussen - Basic Scarlett
Judy in TX - Elizabeth Swann - Court Gown
Leslie (lesliesmejkal) - Mary Poppins
Jason Kramer - Draco Malfoy at Hogwarts
Carly West - Ooh La La Basic Simone Rouge (Red Hair)
Debbi Duncan - Here Comes the Bride Fashion Toni
Steven Casey - Betsy McCall Little Miss Pretty

Congrats! Thank you EVERYONE for participating...we hope you've enjoyed your Saturday with us!

Oh, You ARE Goooooood!

Well. We can eat our humble pie! Turns out that 'Kir Royale' Layne IS ACTUALLY CARRIE as so correctly identified by diligent collectors across the Internet! Our communications lines got mixed, and we were oh-so-quick to point out how right we were (don't you just know how that goes?). Anyhoo...YOU were right...we were wrong...and we sincerely apologize for being so insistent! Thanks to everyone who stood by Carrie, and allowed her a place in the Regina Collection - this doll will be produced using the Carrie head sculpt. Thanks for keeping us in line!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Effanbee, Too - Ummm, Part II

Many of our child collector dolls wanted to see more of Fancy Nancy and the new Petite Filles Collection - here you go...enjoy! And thank you again for taking time to view the newest dolls at Effanbee & Tonner!

Hello Video - Part III

More Tonner Fall/Holiday Previews - Please note the Joan Crawford doll you see lurking on the side is NOT a part of the FAO Catalog - she will be presented later in 2009 (we still have yet to receive approval for this prototype). Also, please note that FAO will not accept orders on these specials until their 2008 Holiday Catalog is released (due late August/early September).

Hello Video - Part II

This is kinda fun now that it works...hope you are enjoying the new dolls!

Effanbee, Too!

Here's a clip for Effanbee Dolls...please note the Ann Estelle dressed in Pumpkin Patch at the top will be a Tonner Company Store Exclusive ( - more info coming soon. The 12" Red Riding Hood is part of the Tonner Collection much like the Alice in Wonderland Collection.

Hello Video!

This is a test...if it kids will have MUCH more eye candy coming! Enjoy...and THANK YOU for your patience!

More Images Round Three

Here are a few more images from today's event...

Nods for Carrie...this is indeed the Carrie sculpt in 'Kir Royale' from the Regina Collection.

The Snow Queen takes the form of a beautiful woman wrap in fur...she features the Tess sculpt.

Here's a full shot of DeeAnna Denton - wearing a green iridescent taffeta cocktail dress. She will represent Robert Tonner's return to the glamour girls of the 1950s.

Tiny Kitty in a blue dream - still to be unveiled on the Effanbee Doll Website (Tiny Kitty is now a part of the Effanbee Doll Collection).

From the DC COMICS' Women of Power Collection - this is Mera - Queen of Atlantis - this collection will be exclusive to ( - these dolls will be released as they become available on TONNERDirect.

Professor Severus Snape from the Harry Potter Series - production version.

Will Turner from Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean - production version.

Virtual Raffle Winners

Hi, Folks...we may not have video...but we do have WINNERS in our Virtual Raffle. We'll post prizes on Monday...but for's who won:

We do have emails for each of you incase there is a duplicate name. We will be emailing you on Monday.

KathyV in NM
Alison Rasmussen
Judy in TX
Leslie (lesliesmejkal)
Jason Kramer
Carly West
Debbi Duncan
Steven Casey

Congrats! Thank you EVERYONE for participating...we hope you've enjoyed your Saturday with us!

Video Boo Hoo

Sorry to say that our video feeds were technically deficient...thanks for your patience, but we won't be able to post any videos right now.

Robert Tonner Answers Your Questions

Carolyn in San Diego said...
No question, just a comment; Mr. Tonner thank you for continuing to bring us beautiful and creative dolls. They bring joy to my world!
Thanks…they do for me, too!

SuzanneMcD said...
WIth the Blue Fairy and Pinocchio from the convention, and now Princess Aurora and Maleficent, will we be seeing more dolls from the classic Disney animated films?
Most definitely, we have a great relationship with Disney and look forward to exploring more of their characters.

Anonymous said...
Hi Robert,Wish I could have made it in person, everything looks fabulous!Please can you tell us when the official photo;s will be up on your site?Thanks,Tintin
Very soon…everything is being released in increments…some items are still subject to studio approvals (Dumbledore, Maxwell Smart, new Joan Crawford, etc.).

Phyllis in Canada said...
Will you ever have an event/convention in Canada or somewhere in the Pacific northwest?
We have tried…but maybe we will consider this area again in the future. If you have a suggestion of a specific place or hotel, please let us know.

Anonymous said...
Thank you for sharing this event with those who couldn't make it to New York! Will we be seeing Will Turner later today? How about new Lara Croft? Any idea how soon Luna and Dumbeldore will ship? Love the platinum Devereaux in black. Will she be on your website today? Will there be more furniture in the future? I'll give someone else a chance to ask questions, LOL. Thanks again!!!!
See answer above on when items will appear on website. Not sure when Dumbledore and Luna will ship…they are still going through approvals…probably toward the end of the year or early 2009.

Vince said...
Hi Robert,Thanks for all the beautiful dolls!Is there a chance we will ever see Sydney's twin brother Simon become a doll? How about Zandra from the Chase Models? And finally, can we see the Mera sculpt and Daphne sculpt be used somewhere in Tyler's world?Thanks!Vince
All good questions…unfortunately, no good answers! These are all good things I’ve considered, but no immediate plans.

Jenny in Mississippi said...
I heard a rumor from Chicago Wizard World that you got the rights to Doctor Who and Torchwood. Does that mean we will see a doll of David Tennant as Doctor Who and John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness any time soon? I love all the current Doctor Who and Torchwood shows and would love to have these dolls.Jenny
This rumor happens to be true!

Anonymous said...
Will there be an asian male doll soon? I bet many are hoping for one. Great new collection, Robert! Loving them!Cheers!Nick in Malaysia
I have been working on this, but I’ve not been happy the sculpts as of yet. I am still working on this…

DTull said...
Hi Robert,I would just like to know if you ever sleep? LOLOn a serious note I want to thank you for creating these fabulous dolls for us to collect and enjoy. You are truly Amazing!We will be attending our first Tonner Convention in October and are both very excited, and looking forward to meeting you! Hugs,Debbie & Vanessa Tull
Yes, I do sleep…believe me! And thanks for the kind words…see you at the convention!

Suzi Langellier said...
Robert, I LOVE the new DeeAnna Denton doll - the wardrobe possibilities are mind boggling! I can't wait to see her in person. As always, beautiful dolls!
Thank you…and I love this line also. The images for this line will go up in about two weeks...maybe sooner if we can get the pics finished.

Christian said...
I was going to ask the same thing as Jenny in Mississippi.I really want a Cpt. Jack (from Torchwood) doll! lol!
See Answer above.

Anonymous said...
Asking with fingers crossed-with the 100th Anniversary of the Titanic coming up in 2012-will you be doing the Titanic movie dolls? Please Robert, we need you to do Rose and Jack, and the fantastic costumes for them.Karen in St.Louis
I love that idea! Thanks!

devinze said...
thank you for clearing my bank account for the rest of the year, love maleficent & aurora.will their be a beast & a red sonja(with blazzing swords) coming up + a prince phillip
I’m not quite sure how to answer this one…but Aurora does need a Prince!
Disney's Sleeping Beauty

Maleficent - Mistress of All Evil

Sorry folks...she is green. (Image Courtesy Disney)

The Princess Aurora uses the 'Lana' sculpt.

BJD Ultimate Tyler - Shared Exclusive to Anglic Dreamz ( and Cherished Friends ( - She is modeling new RTW Floral Truffle Boutique separates.

Also wearing separates from the Floral Truffle RTW Boutique Collection is BJD Ultimate Ashleigh - Exclusive character to Two Daydreamers (

This FAO Exclusive 2008 Holiday Catalog beauty is Rapunzel - she features the 'Breathless' sculpt.

Robert Tonner Will Take Your Questions!

More Company Store Previews

More Images of 2008 Fall/Holiday Previews
New FAO Schwarz Holiday Catalog Exclusives - Jane Collectors will want this Grand Jete Set!

NEW for the Regina Collection - Kir Royale Layne

Those luscious Devereaux Sisters - Basics and some outfits are in stock for the debut!

NEW - Disney's Sleeping Beauty - 16" Dolls od the Princess Aurora and Maleficent.

NEW for Effanbee The Petite Filles Collection - Mimi and Babette - new 10" child sculpts ont he Ann Estelle bending knee body.

DC COMICS' Women of Power - Classic Superheroes in glamorous formal attire. Here are Wonder Woman (Diana), Supergirl (Kara), and Black Canary (The Blonde Bombshell) - this collection is exclusive to (WWW.TONNERDIRECT.COM) - Diana is in stock NOW!

Fans of 1950s haute couture will love the new DeeAnna Denton Collection using the 17" athletic female body and high heel feet - look for this new lady coming soon!

Tonner Company Store Preview Images

Welcome to the 2008 Tonner & Effanbee Fall/Holiday Event!

Special displays showcase the new collections.

Everyone's waiting to see her - BJD Sydney Chase - Bearzabout Exclusive ( - She's modleing items fromt he new Floral Truffle RTW Boutique Collection.

Luna Lovegood Prototype from the Harry Potter Series.

From Effanbee, Tiny Kitty and Betsy McCall.

More Effanbee Mary Engelbreit - and a new Red Riding Hood 12" Doll from Tonner. Not all new previews appear on the Tonner or Effanbee websites just yet...we're reserving them for this event only.

Robert Tonner Welcomes You!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Fun Activities While Visiting The Hudson Valley

Train information – train station is in Rhinecliff which is across the river from Kingston – and about a 20 minute drive

Bus information – bus station is about a 2 minute walk from the store – Kingston station

Airport information – nearest airport is Stewart/Newburgh (SWR) – it’s about a 40 minute ride from the airport and they do have rental cars available there

Hotel information – in the immediate area, there is a Holiday Inn and Quality Inn – within 10 minutes of the store are a Marriott Courtyard and a Hampton Inn (closest is the Holiday Inn located at 503 Washington Ave, Kingston, NY)

Local Area Restaurants
Hoffman House -
Deisings Bakery and Restaurant -
Friendly’s Ice Cream and Restaurant


Golden Ginza (hibachi) -
Ship to Shore -
Steelhouse Restaurant -
Mariners Harbor -


Skytop Restaurant -

Includes a list of wineries, fairs, antique shopping, boating, rail trails

Also, in the area – Town of Woodstock, NY -

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Welcome to the Tonner 2008 Fall/Holiday Blog!

We'll be bringing you live coverage from the August 9, 2008 Tonner 2008 Fall/Holiday Event LIVE from the Tonner Company Store! Of course...we have many giveaways! We will post right after this post to get your names to be eligible for winning FREE STUFF! So be on the lookout!