Monday, August 11, 2008

Virtual Winners' Prizes!

Hi, Folks...WINNERS in our Virtual Raffle - here's what you WON! If you want to email and give us your fullname and shipping address (No PO Boxes, please), we can get your prize right out to you. We'll email a follow up to each person unless we've heard from you before then.

KathyV in NM - Wonder Woman Tonner Character Figure
Alison Rasmussen - Basic Scarlett
Judy in TX - Elizabeth Swann - Court Gown
Leslie (lesliesmejkal) - Mary Poppins
Jason Kramer - Draco Malfoy at Hogwarts
Carly West - Ooh La La Basic Simone Rouge (Red Hair)
Debbi Duncan - Here Comes the Bride Fashion Toni
Steven Casey - Betsy McCall Little Miss Pretty

Congrats! Thank you EVERYONE for participating...we hope you've enjoyed your Saturday with us!

Oh, You ARE Goooooood!

Well. We can eat our humble pie! Turns out that 'Kir Royale' Layne IS ACTUALLY CARRIE as so correctly identified by diligent collectors across the Internet! Our communications lines got mixed, and we were oh-so-quick to point out how right we were (don't you just know how that goes?). Anyhoo...YOU were right...we were wrong...and we sincerely apologize for being so insistent! Thanks to everyone who stood by Carrie, and allowed her a place in the Regina Collection - this doll will be produced using the Carrie head sculpt. Thanks for keeping us in line!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Effanbee, Too - Ummm, Part II

Many of our child collector dolls wanted to see more of Fancy Nancy and the new Petite Filles Collection - here you go...enjoy! And thank you again for taking time to view the newest dolls at Effanbee & Tonner!

Hello Video - Part III

More Tonner Fall/Holiday Previews - Please note the Joan Crawford doll you see lurking on the side is NOT a part of the FAO Catalog - she will be presented later in 2009 (we still have yet to receive approval for this prototype). Also, please note that FAO will not accept orders on these specials until their 2008 Holiday Catalog is released (due late August/early September).

Hello Video - Part II

This is kinda fun now that it works...hope you are enjoying the new dolls!

Effanbee, Too!

Here's a clip for Effanbee Dolls...please note the Ann Estelle dressed in Pumpkin Patch at the top will be a Tonner Company Store Exclusive ( - more info coming soon. The 12" Red Riding Hood is part of the Tonner Collection much like the Alice in Wonderland Collection.

Hello Video!

This is a test...if it kids will have MUCH more eye candy coming! Enjoy...and THANK YOU for your patience!