Saturday, August 9, 2008

Disney's Sleeping Beauty

Maleficent - Mistress of All Evil

Sorry folks...she is green. (Image Courtesy Disney)

The Princess Aurora uses the 'Lana' sculpt.

BJD Ultimate Tyler - Shared Exclusive to Anglic Dreamz ( and Cherished Friends ( - She is modeling new RTW Floral Truffle Boutique separates.

Also wearing separates from the Floral Truffle RTW Boutique Collection is BJD Ultimate Ashleigh - Exclusive character to Two Daydreamers (

This FAO Exclusive 2008 Holiday Catalog beauty is Rapunzel - she features the 'Breathless' sculpt.


Anonymous said...

I have a very dear friend who would probably sell a kidney for that Maleficent. She is amazing! I also think I am going to make the people at MasterCard and Discover very, VERY happy in the coming months.

- Danielle in Ohio

karin said...

I love the new boutique line! And all the new dolls!! Oh my, how I wish I was there to stare at them all in person today. :)

cindy k said...

Maleficent looks GREAT!

(she has always been one of my favorite Disney "bad girls")


Darinshere said...

Maleficent is awesome! I look forward to seeing the lovely dress your designed for under her cloak. Thanks Robert!
Time to get a second job? Maybe!

Darinshere said...

Now I can hope for Disney Snow White and her Evil Queen!! Maybe the seven dwarves?

I do not see Will Turner or the Narnia dolls...what gives?

Jannie said...

Pure art! I can't believe it! My two favorites combined! Tonner and Disney!!! I am going to have sell some of my husband's computers LOL! I do hope that I can afford them ALL!!! They are stunning and I cannot resist them! Robert, you have made my dreams come true! Disney dolls that are works of art! Thank you! Thank you!

Becky said...

Robert, Love Sleeping Beauty and Maleficent! Growing up, Sleeping Beauty was my all time favorite Disney animated movie! They are both gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I'm insanely happy to see Lana as Sleeping Beauty! She's such a beautiful sculpt & to have her as a non-event doll is a dream! More,please :) It helps that I am a big fan of Disney's SB - fantastic look. I always sided with Merriweather on the dress color,though ;)

sandman_gr said...

Why is Maleficent green? She is not green in the Disney film!

TONNER said...

I'm sorry, Sandman...but she is green.