Saturday, August 9, 2008

More Company Store Previews

More Images of 2008 Fall/Holiday Previews
New FAO Schwarz Holiday Catalog Exclusives - Jane Collectors will want this Grand Jete Set!

NEW for the Regina Collection - Kir Royale Layne

Those luscious Devereaux Sisters - Basics and some outfits are in stock for the debut!

NEW - Disney's Sleeping Beauty - 16" Dolls od the Princess Aurora and Maleficent.

NEW for Effanbee The Petite Filles Collection - Mimi and Babette - new 10" child sculpts ont he Ann Estelle bending knee body.

DC COMICS' Women of Power - Classic Superheroes in glamorous formal attire. Here are Wonder Woman (Diana), Supergirl (Kara), and Black Canary (The Blonde Bombshell) - this collection is exclusive to (WWW.TONNERDIRECT.COM) - Diana is in stock NOW!

Fans of 1950s haute couture will love the new DeeAnna Denton Collection using the 17" athletic female body and high heel feet - look for this new lady coming soon!


karin said...

Sleeping Beauty!! I love it! :)

Anonymous said...

YIPPEEEE!!!!! Fabulous collection. I love the sisters Devereaux, the fact that you will have clothing for the 17" bodies, Little Jane is back, and Mellificent! WHEEEE!!!

Doing a big happy dance here in rainy Kansas!

You guys are the best doll company in the whole wide world bar none! BAR NONE!!!

I love you guys.

Sylvia in KS

Anonymous said...

Wow! I just loved the Kir Royale Layne. She looked like Carrie from the picture, though. Thanks for making an asian doll with that hairstyle. It's a must have for me. She will definitely looked good in qui pao. Lol!

Nick in Malaysia

Carolyn in San Diego said...

They are all fantastic! If fact, too fantastic. I might have to stop eating so I have more money for dolls!

Phyllis in Canada said...

OH! OH! Child Child!! Malificent!! 1950's fashions!! Devereaux sisters!!!!

Darinshere said...

I am blown away! the Petite Filles are adorable! I love their seasonal outfits - are they Tonner sculpts? I acannot wait to read all about these great dolls on the website. I am happy to see a new Tiny Betsy too! I love her little Tin soldier outfit.

Darinshere said...

Is that Joan Crawform in the leopard chair? FABULOUS! FAO gets all the best stuff.

Anonymous said...

The New Ann Estelles are darling! Can't wait to see them IRL, and also the 16" ones.
Thanks for the new sculpts!