Saturday, August 9, 2008

More Images Round Three

Here are a few more images from today's event...

Nods for Carrie...this is indeed the Carrie sculpt in 'Kir Royale' from the Regina Collection.

The Snow Queen takes the form of a beautiful woman wrap in fur...she features the Tess sculpt.

Here's a full shot of DeeAnna Denton - wearing a green iridescent taffeta cocktail dress. She will represent Robert Tonner's return to the glamour girls of the 1950s.

Tiny Kitty in a blue dream - still to be unveiled on the Effanbee Doll Website (Tiny Kitty is now a part of the Effanbee Doll Collection).

From the DC COMICS' Women of Power Collection - this is Mera - Queen of Atlantis - this collection will be exclusive to ( - these dolls will be released as they become available on TONNERDirect.

Professor Severus Snape from the Harry Potter Series - production version.

Will Turner from Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean - production version.


sandman_gr said...

Mera and Snape look amazing!

Anonymous said...

When will these new dolls be posted on the Tonner website? We would love to know the edition sizes,prices,etc. particularly of the Sleeping Beauty dolls.Also, I didn't see any Voss dolls. Will there not be any new ones until next year?
Thank you.