Saturday, August 9, 2008

Robert Tonner Will Take Your Questions!


Carolyn in San Diego said...

No question, just a comment; Mr. Tonner thank you for continuing to bring us beautiful and creative dolls. They bring joy to my world!

SuzanneMcD said...

WIth the Blue Fairy and Pinocchio from the convention, and now Princess Aurora and Maleficent, will we be seeing more dolls from the classic Disney animated films?

Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,

Wish I could have made it in person, everything looks fabulous!

Please can you tell us when the official photo;s will be up on your site?


Phyllis in Canada said...

Will you ever have an event/convention in Canada or somewhere in the Pacific northwest?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this event with those who couldn't make it to New York! Will we be seeing Will Turner later today? How about new Lara Croft? Any idea how soon Luna and Dumbeldore will ship? Love the platinum Devereaux in black. Will she be on your website today? Will there be more furniture in the future? I'll give someone else a chance to ask questions, LOL. Thanks again!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,

Thanks for all the beautiful dolls!
Is there a chance we will ever see Sydney's twin brother Simon become a doll? How about Zandra from the Chase Models? And finally, can we see the Mera sculpt and Daphne sculpt be used somewhere in Tyler's world?


Jenny in Mississippi said...

I heard a rumor from Chicago Wizard World that you got the rights to Doctor Who and Torchwood. Does that mean we will see a doll of David Tennant as Doctor Who and John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness any time soon? I love all the current Doctor Who and Torchwood shows and would love to have these dolls.


Anonymous said...

Will there be an asian male doll soon? I bet many are hoping for one. Great new collection, Robert! Loving them!

Nick in Malaysia

DTull said...

Hi Robert,
I would just like to know if you ever sleep? LOL

On a serious note I want to thank you for creating these fabulous dolls for us to collect and enjoy.
You are truly Amazing!

We will be attending our first Tonner Convention in October and are both very excited, and looking forward to meeting you!

Debbie & Vanessa Tull

Suzi Langellier said...


I LOVE the new DeeAnna Denton doll - the wardrobe possibilities are mind boggling! I can't wait to see her in person. As always, beautiful dolls!

Christian said...

I was going to ask the same thing as Jenny in Mississippi.
I really want a Cpt. Jack (from Torchwood) doll! lol!

Anonymous said...

Asking with fingers crossed-with the 100th Anniversary of the Titanic coming up in 2012-will you be doing the Titanic movie dolls? Please Robert, we need you to do Rose and Jack, and the fantastic costumes for them.
Karen in St.Louis

devinze said...

thank you for clearing my bank account for the rest of the year, love maleficent & aurora.will their be a beast & a red sonja(with blazzing swords) coming up + a prince phillip

TONNER said...

We're closing the questions now...only the ones above this post will be answered. Thanks!

alyrenee said...

I am reposting my questions here as I left them in the wrong thread:

I would love to see a Black Canary & Green Arrow wedding couple!

AHHHH! I just saw the Wonder Woman trunnk in one of the bog pictures! *SQUEAL* Is it an FAO exclusive? Any plans to do more of these for the other girls? What about separates for the men? Or secret identity clothes for the men? Also I would love normal hands for Superman/Clark as well as punching hands. Cheers, and thanks so much for making all my dolly dreams come true. My boyfriend, however, is not very pleased. too bad right!

trishfromnz said...

So wonderful to have a look around your store, even when you are thousands of miles away in a different hemisphere and country! My key question is are the Devereaux Sisters only ever going to be available via Tonner Direct? If so, how do people in other countries go about ordering , please? Someone said you can phone an order in but even that can be problematical if you live in some time zones.

Vanessa Grandberry said...

Hi Robert,

Have you ever thought of producing Russell in a lighter skin tone like Jac's? My dream eye colors for a doll in that hue are brown or hazel.
Your dolls are the best - just wish I could afford all the ones I want.


Vanessa in Seattle