Saturday, August 9, 2008

Tonner Company Store Preview Images

Welcome to the 2008 Tonner & Effanbee Fall/Holiday Event!

Special displays showcase the new collections.

Everyone's waiting to see her - BJD Sydney Chase - Bearzabout Exclusive ( - She's modleing items fromt he new Floral Truffle RTW Boutique Collection.

Luna Lovegood Prototype from the Harry Potter Series.

From Effanbee, Tiny Kitty and Betsy McCall.

More Effanbee Mary Engelbreit - and a new Red Riding Hood 12" Doll from Tonner. Not all new previews appear on the Tonner or Effanbee websites just yet...we're reserving them for this event only.


Suzie D. said...

What an adorable new Halloween outfit for Ann Estelle and the girls!! When will it be available???????Suzie D.

Anonymous said...

Luna looks spot on and fantastic. I can't wait to see more.

- Danielle

TONNER said...

The Halloween Ann Estelle is called Pumpkin Patch and she is a Tonner Company Store Exclusive - coming soon to

Anonymous said...

(pumping fist in the air)
BJD Sydney!


Sylvia in KS

Jen said...

When and where will Little Red Riding Hood be available? I adore her!!

Maria B. said...

Oh, is that Tiny Kitty that I see next to the Anne Estelle dolls? Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for bringing her back! I know that you promised you would, but I am so happy to see her again! Can't wait to buy her!

Maria B.

TONNER said...

You'll see amny of the new dolls in the next release...just watch our NEWS Page!

Darinshere said...

I love Tiny Kitty! Thanks for bringing her back! We need a Tiny Kitty/Simon Rouge Giftset. I miss the wonderful hatbox sets you did a few years ago. Keep it coming!