Saturday, August 9, 2008

Virtual Raffle Winners

Hi, Folks...we may not have video...but we do have WINNERS in our Virtual Raffle. We'll post prizes on Monday...but for's who won:

We do have emails for each of you incase there is a duplicate name. We will be emailing you on Monday.

KathyV in NM
Alison Rasmussen
Judy in TX
Leslie (lesliesmejkal)
Jason Kramer
Carly West
Debbi Duncan
Steven Casey

Congrats! Thank you EVERYONE for participating...we hope you've enjoyed your Saturday with us!


Darinshere said...

Thanks so much for alowing us to enjoy the preview. You should be very proud! We want more!!

Leslie said...

I am so amazed to be a winner. Thank you very much. I've been collecting Tonner dolls since Tyler appeared in 1999 and still love them all, especially my newest favorite, Ellowyne Wilde.


Anonymous said...

My friends from the cheeryaboutagnesdreary yahoo group just informed me I won!

I'm in shock and sooooo excited. My Drearys, Marleys, Kickits, AEs, Golden Compass crew, etc. along with the loving doll nutters at Cheery Dreary are anxiously waiting for Monday's email announcement!

WOWZER! Dolly hugs, Carly (West) in PA

Alison said...

Woo hoo! Thank you so much!

KV said...

How cool is this!!! I can't wait to hear from you. Many thanks from an avid Tyler and Ellowyne Wilde collector . . .

Kathy V in NM

Poppi said...

Congrats everyone....although I did not win any of the door prizes, I was thrilled to see all of this (and much more) in person. Thanks to all for your hard work, I truly enjoyed the event and look forward to attending future gatherings.
Robert, it was my great pleasure to meet you, I will treasure my signed dolls. I promise not to mention anything about the "B" dolls next time!
Mark - Please remember the T-shirts, sure would like to see my grandgirls in them.
>>>>>>>>>2 NH gals<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Debbi Duncan said...

Thank you so much! I didn't find out that I won until someone told me on Prego! And today (Aug. 10th) is my birthday..and what a lovely surprise!